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  • Jan082021
    takeaway menu online wix

    How restaurants can add click and collect on a Wix or Squarespace website for free

    This article will show you how to set up a click and collect restaurant menu on your website for free.…

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  • Nov202020
    haute cuisine header

    Can online ordering work with posh menus?

    It’s not stupid to care about beauty In 1983, the new French President Francois Mitterrand made the unusual decision to…

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  • Oct022020

    What are some alternatives to popular brands of takeaway software?

    There’s a large number of brands of takeaway software for restaurants, and it can be tough to figure out which…

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  • Sep302020
    mobile order systems

    Do Order & Pay systems boost customer spending?

    Do mobile order systems really boost customer spending in restaurants? And if they do, why do they? How do you know that it works?

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  • Jul022020

    QR code printing – where should I print QR codes for my pub or restaurant?

    Once you’ve set up your QR code menu you’ll be ready to print QR codes. Some key considerations are costs,…

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  • Jun082020

    Getting Started with Printing 

    This blog will take you through how to print receipts with StoreKit Takeaway, our online ordering system.  Downloading the Passprnt…

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  • Jun032020
    store 01 thumb

    Setting up your first online store with SK Takeaway

    This article is intended as a walkthrough for the first stages of setting up your online store!  This will cover…

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  • Jun032020
    bike delivery

    Advice on bike delivery

    Hiring a bike rider Hiring a bike rider rather than a moped or car driver saves you a lot of…

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  • May212020
    Google Maps header img

    Easy-Peasy Google Marketing for Restaurants

    Some ads appear when you’re out and about. On billboards, on cars, but also on your Instagram. In these situations,…

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  • May182020
    easy peasy instagram

    Easy-peasy Facebook Marketing for Online Restaurants

    This is one of a number of articles written to accompany SK Takeaway as a marketing pack. Getting set-up with an…

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