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  • May072020
    Temporary Returns Policy

    COVID-19 Returns Policy Amends

    In line with government advice, StoreKit has closed its main office. Please do not send any returns to our main office…

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  • Mar192020
    covid-19 storekit

    How can the software and payments industries help during COVID-19?

    We know that a lot of you are contemplating some tough decisions around your business and coronavirus. Those decisions will…

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  • Mar022020

    StoreKit’s 2020 Guide to Ghost Kitchens: From the Experts

    What’s a ghost kitchen? Why should I set one up? How do I secure investors? Get your delivery business running…

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  • Feb252020
    Priti Patel regards the camera in front of a shop

    What does the government’s new immigration policy mean for merchants?

    If you employ immigrants, the new immigration system has ramifications for your business. This blog will set out how you…

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  • Jan162020
    deliverect fetured image

    Delivering Information with Zhong Xu

    Deliverect is a start-up from Belgium by cofounders Zhong Xu and Jan Hollez in 2018, which hopes of making things…

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  • Dec192019
    sit down restaurant

    Hacking Queues – sit-down restaurants

    ‘How long for a table?’  When you have tables rather than people coming in and out, it’s possible to hit…

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  • Dec192019
    casual hospitality

    Hacking Queues – Casual Hospitality

    What is “casual hospitality”? Well, for our series on queueing, we’ve devised three hospitality categories: grab-and-go, casual hospitality, and sit-down restaurants.…

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  • Dec182019
    queue for grab and go

    Hacking queues – the “queuenomics” of grab and go

    This is the second part of a four-part series. If you’ve just arrived, try the first post on queuer psychology.…

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  • Dec182019
    a queue of people queueing

    HACKING QUEUES – getting organised for the perfect customer wait

    Are you a cafe, quick service, or full service restaurant? Do you have spikes and troughs in demand and constant…

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  • Nov122019
    new banner img

    Top ways merchants get punked on tech

    EPOS technology should be easy to choose and to buy. But it’s not. Instead, it’s complex, and there are also…

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