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  • Jun192019
    Building a restaurant chain with the CEO of crepeaffaire

    Success in hospitality with Daniel Spinath

    We interviewed Daniel Spinath, CEO of Crepeaffaire, and asked him for tips on how to build a hospitality business from scratch

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  • Jun102019
    How much should an EPOS cost captioned picture with store open sign in background

    How much does an EPOS cost?

    What’s the cheapest EPOS? What’s the most expensive? Find out what the difference is.

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  • May302019
    What will 5G mean for stores? Image of text plus background server wires

    What does 5G mean for stores?

    TLDR: You don’t have to take any action to prepare for 5G. But if you’re frustrated by slow mobile internet speeds on your tablet or mobile, consider getting a device which supports 5G.

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  • May282019
    Can EPOS be cool? Captioned Shoreditch Brick Lane Photo

    Detective Diaries: the coolest EPOS

    It was a hot summer’s afternoon in Shoreditch, and dixie bikes and polaroid cameras cast long shadows across the dusty…

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  • Apr082019
    man with beard thumbs down

    How does StoreKit choose which EPOS systems to recommend?

    If you’ve clicked around this website and you can’t find your own EPOS, that’s not necessarily an accident. The systems…

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