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  • Jul302020
    kiosk sharing pic

    Ordering Kiosks: a Guide

     This guide is about ordering kiosks, from the perspective of restaurants, shops, bars, and other hospitality services thinking about investing…

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  • Jul032020
    header image for covid comms

    How to talk about covid-19 to customers

    As pubs and restaurants reopen, the challenge of trying to ensure returning customers social distance is an intimidating one. Not…

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  • Jul022020
    menu header image for online ordering

    5 Stellar Menu Design Hacks

    Even if your customers are ordering from you on a mobile, having a beautifully designed menu is key to increasing…

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  • Jul012020
    table ordering app

    Top 5 Table Ordering Apps for Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants

    The COVID-19 crisis has ushered in a table tech revolution. Pubs and restaurants have traditionally been slower to adopt innovative…

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  • Feb062020
    AliPay payments

    AliPay payments in the UK: What’s changing?

    The mobile payment app Alipay already enables almost total cashless living in China, and is now making inroads in Europe…

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  • Feb032020
    Neo Christodoulou

    What One of the Founders of the Athenian Would Tell His Younger Self

    ‘I was in investment banking until I reached a point when I thought to myself, “What am I doing with…

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  • Dec052019
    Instagram food photography for restaurants

    Restaurant Tips for Taking Better Food Instagram Photos

    Food porn has never been more important for restaurant businesses. 69% of millennial diners take a photo of our food…

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  • Nov252019
    eco friendly retail

    6 ways retailers can become eco-friendly

    “Fast fashion” and “vegan mayo” are now buzzwords, and shoppers have never been more conscious of their environmental impact. What…

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  • Nov142019

    Choosing location – cafes and restaurants

    Running a coffee shop or small restaurant is fun and rewarding. It might be a lifelong dream of yours! But don’t…

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  • Oct232019
    Halal burger

    How do I make my restaurant Halal-friendly?

    How can I cater better for Muslim guests?  Catering for religious dietary requirements “Halal secret of Pizza Express” blared a…

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