• Feb032020
    Neo Christodoulou

    What One of the Founders of the Athenian Would Tell His Younger Self

    ‘I was in investment banking until I reached a point when I thought to myself, “What am I doing with…

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  • Jan162020
    deliverect fetured image

    Delivering Information with Zhong Xu

    Deliverect is a start-up from Belgium by cofounders Zhong Xu and Jan Hollez in 2018, which hopes of making things…

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  • Nov082019
    Adam Wills header image

    Are Posh Burgers Still Posh?

    Are Posh Burgers Still Posh? ‘People want to be seen to be aware of what it is they’re putting in…

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  • Oct232019

    Making Enough Dough(nuts) to Start a Tech Business

    Britain isn’t doughnut country. Or wasn’t.  Before 2014, if you wanted a doughnut in the UK, you could buy a…

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  • Jul302019
    The beauty of convenience girl with lipstick

    Jean-Michel Chalayer talks LeSalon

    We interview Jean-Michel Chalayer, the CEO of LeSalon, to ask him about the emergence of new digital competitors like LeSalon versus incumbent brick-and-mortar salons which presently own the market.

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  • Jul012019
    Jeremy Hibbert Garibaldi CollectivFood

    From Farm to Plate with Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi

    We are barely aware of what we eat. When you order a dish, it could be made up of maybe…

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  • Jun192019
    Building a restaurant chain with the CEO of crepeaffaire

    Success in hospitality with Daniel Spinath

    We interviewed Daniel Spinath, CEO of Crepeaffaire, and asked him for tips on how to build a hospitality business from scratch

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