Printing with SK Takeaway

Getting Started with Printing 
June 8, 2020 Adam Stead

This blog will take you through how to print receipts with StoreKit Takeaway, our online ordering system

Downloading the Passprnt App

We use an application called “Star PassPrnt” to enable our printing. 

That’s an app, which can be downloaded to any Android, or Windows, or iOS device. To make sure you’re aware, iOS is Apple’s phone and tablet operating system, not laptop. So this can’t be downloaded to your Mac. 

Here are the app download links for Android, iOS, or Windows

Getting the right printer 

If you don’t have the right printer, we’d recommend the Star mC-Print 3 to print. There’s a list of other available printers at the bottom of this section. 

This printer is available with any connection type – USB, USB iOS, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. You can learn about connection types by watching this video. 

The software and this printer model both require 80mm thermal till rolls. The software is only optimised to print receipts which look good in this width for now. 

We do next working day delivery for all hardware ordered before 4PM.

The Star mC-Print 3 is our recommendation; but any of the following printers should work if you have one already: 

Mobile: SM-T300i, SM-L300. Desktop: mC-Print3, TSP100III (USB/Bluetooth/WLAN/LAN), TSP654II (Bluetooth/USB/LAN), TSP743II (Bluetooth/USB/LAN) (Receipt, Label & Ticket up to 0.15mm thick media), FVP10 (Bluetooth/USB/LAN)

Connecting your printer

If your printer plugs into your device, plug in the printer. Otherwise, you may need to connect the printer in your device settings. Look at the printer manual or look up how to install a printer on the device you’re using. 

Once the printer is connected to the device, you should open the Passprnt app and search for the printer in question. Connect the printer to the Passprnt app.

Finally, in the SK Takeaway software admin back-office, go to the order screen and click the “print” button for your order at the top of the screen. It will attempt to print through passprnt.

The confirmation screen will open in the device’s default browser. So, if you’re printing, we’d usually recommend using the default browser of the device – e.g. Safari for iOS. 


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