How restaurants can add click and collect on a Wix or Squarespace website for free

How restaurants can add click and collect on a Wix or Squarespace website for free
January 8, 2021 Adam Stead
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This article will show you how to set up a click and collect restaurant menu on your website for free.

Click and collect is essential to shops and restaurants. First, allows shops to remain open when they might otherwise have to close. Second, it allows customers to identify where they’re going to buy something and ensure that it’s in stock. This is really useful when they want to browse a live menu and decide what they want before they leave. Third, it means that customers don’t have to queue. This is essential, because lots of research shows that customers don’t tolerate queues.

Step One: Generating a free online menu 

1. Choose a provider

In this article, we’re going to be showing you how to set up click and collect using StoreKit Takeaway – for a few reasons. 

First, it’s free. Most ecommerce or takeaway software will require that you pay a monthly fee or commission, in addition to the payment processing fees of a third-party provider like Stripe. StoreKit is a payment processor, so StoreKit Takeaway comes with payment processing – and that’s how the software is paid for. That means you can log in, create a menu, and get started for free; and it means that fees you pay for other providers, you don’t pay for StoreKit – only processing, which incurs costs.

Second, it’s beautiful. StoreKit Takeaway is especially beautiful on mobile – which is how 80% of StoreKit Takeaway end users bought things in 2021. When used on a mobile, our software is something called a “progressive web app” meaning it has the look and feel of a native app without requiring a download. 

Third, it’s ours! You can easily embed the URL into any number of website builders including Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and hundreds of others. Wix do provide a restaurant ordering function but because it’s not a progressive web app, we prefer StoreKit Takeaway as it has a superior mobile browsing experience. 

StoreKit Takeaway

2. Set up your store

Head to the StoreKit Takeaway landing page  and click “create your store” toset up an account. You can view the video set-up through this link in full, but for the short version, you need to do as follows.

First, add an email address and a password, and congratulations – you’ve created your account. 

There are five steps involved in “setting up a store” – none of them take very long. Choose your store name, which will auto-generate a URL (we’re going to embed this into a button later). 

The logo image aperture is a small circle; and the header image is about twice as wide as it is tall. The logo will be stretched, and the header cropped, if you insert images which are the wrong size.

Fill in your store information. The email will receive orders, so you may wish to use a fresh email for that purpose. Add your opening hours. 

Then finally, tick “pickup” (and delivery if you want to use that as well), add a service fee if required, and click create! 

3. Build your menu! 

The menu builder invites you to create categories, in which you can add categories, and images. Here’s an example of a four item menu from the inside to give you an idea:

building the kitchen at

building the kitchen at

Here’s an example of what the same website in desktop view – it could still use work (it’s missing a description and I haven’t changed the theme colours, it’s also closed just now)  but you can see it’s a functional takeaway menu right now.

The kitchen storekit menu

Below is the example of Milk, which is a cafe in Balham which has created a great menu via StoreKit Takeaway.

Milk Balham Menu

Takeaway menus we love: 

Step Two: adding your menu to your website 

Whether you’re on wordpress, wix, or the hundreds of other website builder solutions, each have similar steps to add a link to a button. If it’s a fully hosted website builder designed to be really easy ! So, just follow the steps below. 


  1. Go to the page where you want the button, click Edit 
  2. Click Edit Site Header.
  3. Click Elements.
  4. Put “on” for the button setting.
  5. Add your menu URL to the “link” setting
  6. Click Save


  1. Click on the page section where you want the button
  2. Click “edit” 
  3. Select the “show/hide” toggle for buttons – put it to show
  4. Enter the text for your button
  5. Click “link” and add the URL of your menu
  6. Click done.


Need some help?  

We have a dedicated customer support team who can help figure this stuff out. Email and ask how to get started. 

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