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  • Mar192020
    covid-19 storekit

    How can the software and payments industries help during COVID-19?

  • Mar022020

    StoreKit’s 2020 Guide to Ghost Kitchens: From the Experts

  • Feb252020
    Priti Patel regards the camera in front of a shop

    What does the government’s new immigration policy mean for merchants?

  • Feb062020
    AliPay payments

    AliPay payments in the UK: What’s changing?

  • Feb032020
    Neo Christodoulou

    What One of the Founders of the Athenian Would Tell His Younger Self

  • Jan162020
    deliverect fetured image

    Delivering Information with Zhong Xu

  • Dec192019
    sit down restaurant

    Hacking Queues – sit-down restaurants

  • Dec192019
    casual hospitality

    Hacking Queues – Casual Hospitality

  • Dec182019
    queue for grab and go

    Hacking queues – the “queuenomics” of grab and go

  • Dec182019
    a queue of people queueing

    HACKING QUEUES – getting organised for the perfect customer wait

  • Dec052019
    Instagram food photography for restaurants

    Restaurant Tips for Taking Better Food Instagram Photos

  • Nov252019
    eco friendly retail

    6 ways retailers can become eco-friendly

  • Nov142019

    Choosing location – cafes and restaurants

  • Nov122019
    new banner img

    Top ways merchants get punked on tech

  • Nov082019
    Adam Wills header image

    Are Posh Burgers Still Posh?

  • Oct232019

    Making Enough Dough(nuts) to Start a Tech Business

  • Oct232019
    Halal burger

    How do I make my restaurant Halal-friendly?

  • Sep302019

    Sole trader vs limited company: weighing up the costs

  • Sep162019

    World leaders in the race towards wallet-free living

  • Sep092019

    How AI will change your shop forever – six innovations being trialled today

  • Aug152019
    Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo logos

    Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo – which is best for restaurants?

  • Jul302019
    The beauty of convenience girl with lipstick

    Jean-Michel Chalayer talks LeSalon

  • Jul192019

    Thanks! (Round up following the project)

  • Jul172019
    notes on the project title card for social sharing

    The London Underground, by the Pint, Notes on the Project