Introducing StoreKit Accounts

Introducing StoreKit Accounts
December 4, 2018 Ben Larcey
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StoreKit Accounts

Here at StoreKit, we’ve been advocating for next-generation cloud-based point of sale since it’s inception. Adoption of new technology is critical to staying relevant in the increasingly competitive offline commercial landscape. Powerful cloud POS technology is a great leveler for small and medium-sized business, enabling low-cost access to functionality, data, and insights that were previously available only to the largest retailers. But although we’re seeing increasing adoption across the market, there are a number of key blockers that are preventing wide-scale investment in upgrading.

Today, we’re launching the new StoreKit Accounts system. It’s the first step in our mission to build a platform that fills the gaps we see in the cloud point of sale offering. The benefits of low cost, self-service POS software are clear. But because this new technology is so much more reliable, easier to use and often sold remotely – software vendors have neglected the physical experience. We’ve built the starting point to bring the same seamless experience of cloud software to the physical world:

Purchase management & ordering hardware

The traditional model of selling expensive, proprietary hardware that required vendor-specific knowledge and expensive support contracts has been replaced.

Hardware has mostly been standardised across systems, it’s now easy to find and purchase everything you need online at competitive prices. But so far the process has been far less than ideal. The purchase experience still requires technical and product knowledge.

To help solve this, when you sign up for a StoreKit Account we’ll ask a few details about the software you’re using. With this information, we’ll be able to personalise your shopping experience, guiding you through only compatible hardware. Coming soon you’ll be able to create saved hardware bundles to allow your staff to easily purchase new kits.

Asset tracking for your POS hardware

Asset Tracking

Built into the new StoreKit Accounts is a simple but intelligent asset tracking system. Items you purchase from StoreKit will be automatically imported into your asset tracker. You’ll then be able to assign assets to addresses and locations, easily purchase compatible consumables, manage warranty status’ and request returns and repairs.

On-site support & installs

StoreKit Support

High reliability means things rarely go wrong, but when they do getting back up and running fast is critical. Most issues can now be diagnosed remotely, but nothing can beat a professional technician on-site. You’ll soon be able to book on-demand support visits from certified POS technicians.

From today you’ll be able to pre-book POS installations easily at affordable, standardised rates whether it’s your first location or a rapid rollout across your whole estate.

More to come…

We’re just getting started, we’ll be continuing to release new features and improvements in the next few months.

Signup for a free StoreKit Account at, as thanks we’ll send you a £10 voucher code once you’ve completed the onboarding process.

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Introducing StoreKit Accounts
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