Thanks! (Round up following the project)

Thanks! (Round up following the project)
July 19, 2019 Adam Stead
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Hi all,

Thank you! 

Like the police at a fifteen year old’s house party, TfL have asked us to take down the map. Bummer. The lights have been turned on, kids. But our wonderful blogs are still up! 

(There may be an alternate map which takes a wider berth on their IP soon – watch this space!) 

In total, we’ve been featured by the following outlets (that we know of): the London Evening Standard, City AM, the Daily Mail, Time Out, the Londonist, Secret London, the Drinks Business, SquareMeal, MyLondon, and it’s also been linked to by the FT. It’s been alleged we were mentioned on Good Morning Britain, although I’ve been unable to pinpoint where in the two-hour show we were mentioned. 

Our map was also the subject of some 8.6K upvotes on r/CasualUK on reddit, which has 368K subscribers. That’s more than the 1.2K shares of the Daily Mail article, the 3.7K likes on Time Out’s Facebook post, or the 5.3K likes on Secret London’s post, the most-liked single posting of the map. Speaking of Secret London, we’re in touch, and they tell me that the post has given them their biggest traffic day of ALL TIME. We’re still waiting on total readership numbers back from the other outlets, but in addition to the several thousand people who went the extra mile and read our blog, we can conclude the following:

A bloody load of people saw our map. 

Overall, we’ve been extremely flattered by the coverage. First, the effort of the work – The Londonist called it ‘gruelling research’, Time Out congratulated me on a ‘heroic effort’, and Secret London, seeing through the guise, called it ‘the gold-standard of PR exercises’ (shucks, thanks).

Then, me – I have been described variously as a ‘fastidious researcher’, a ‘pint-loving data whizz’ and from the Mail, a ‘beer-loving data whizz’. That’s high praise for someone who has never successfully made a pivot table when drunk. All in all, the StoreKit brand is likely to have been seen by millions of people across London and the world. 

This calls for a pint, of course.

Last night I went to the Salmon & Ball, the cheapest pub on the tube, for a pint of their Best Bitter. It turned out to be a cash-only pub with a juke box in which the only woman was the barmaid and we were the youngest men by thirty years. 

Adam Stead drinking at the Salmon & Ball pub

Slurping his tasty Best Bitter


We originally conceived this project to build backlinks, but hopefully there’s some publican readers as well? If that’s you, and especially if you’re coming to the end of your POS or payments contract, book a call, and we can talk to you about what’s out there in the market, for free. The Salmon & Ball could have done with a card processor. It’s a heroic effort, but you can’t remain a cash pub forever. 

Thanks everyone for reading! And thanks to partners such as Lightspeed for sharing the map. It’s been a fun few days and we’re super grateful to everyone for their interest. 

Read the cheapest pint, the best drinking line, the furthest pint, notes on the project, or read about us in the Daily Mail, Londonist, Time Out, the Evening Standard, or Secret London.

P.S. highlights from comment sections

I’ve had fun reading the comments. They mostly fall into three categories. They are (1) tagging mates with jokes about their local or drinking generally (2) misunderstanding the map and protesting that there is a cheaper pub further away from the station, or (3) remarking that London is expensive. There’s also a fair few requests for overground, DLR, and gin and wine maps.

Here were some of my favourite comments: 


Daily Mail (web comments) 

As the price approaches 5 in many pubs I am always asking for a top-up. Too many pubs try to serve you 9/10 of a pint. It looks nice with a fluffy head but you’re being ripped off. Always politely asked the staff to top it up.

– Wisdom on Deaf Ears

If you want cheap drinks, to to tescos


Pic 1 . What do you mean “however it is a Wetherspoons”? I’ve drank in spoons since 1995 and never been attacked. Get your head out of your….!

– Scrumpyjoe

Guinness very very extra cold in The Oyster Rooms Fulham Broadway is 3.35. Too cold for me..and be prepared to wait an age as they run a skeleton staff, like two on a 25 yard bar.

– Soiczar

Brilliant. Britishism at it most finest. Who wants the EU?

– harryspankers

Really cannot believe even Millennial’s are stupid enough to pay 5.50 for a pint. Really?

– BillySilly

1954 honeymoon in Great Britain four days in/around London; 23 family pleasure-business trips including 3 summers with whole family; maybe another dozen pure business. Our last trip the wife and I took was 2009 as our legs and backs were going bad so one long summer trip. But Now This comes out? NOW?? What THE……lol

– Uncle Bill 

As my old grandad used to say about a pint of beer”if my mum had given me this as a baby, I’d never have left home”

– cofrema


Facebook comments from London Evening Standard, Secret London, and Time Out

At last the Evening Standard has published something useful.

– Lawrie West

Cheapest pints of chemical garbage maybe. Foster’s is named after the man who first tasted his own piss and decided it was quite nice, and Bud Light is the liquid remnants of the Sunbury water filtration plant

– Chrisna Green

What a useless piece of research. All that effort to tell me that the cheapest pint near each station is undrinkable pish that anyone with working taste buds would readily avoid

– Shelley Joyce



(Something I didn’t know) Some people would take “tube” to specifically mean the deep-level lines with their small tunnels, circular in cross-section, taking low-profile trains (i.e. the Bakerloo, Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria and Waterloo & City lines)… as opposed to the “sub-surface” lines which run in covered ways constructed by the cut and cover method and which have mainline-sized trains (Circle, District, East London, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan).’

– SurlyRed

‘Mix of ales, The Prince of Wales’ 

Is this Cockney rhyming slang? 

– C_von_Hotzendorf


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Thanks! (Round up following the project)
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  1. Neal Hattersley 1 year ago

    At last a favourable comment about Wetherspoons but by a lady reader, not a gent compiler who has never had (the indifferent experience of) a Ruddles best.
    As a 61 year old ‘ale’ drinker, now apparently called ‘amber’ beer but always more malt than hoppy, Weatherspoons is my only pub of choice. Bud Light may be sump fluid but a range of wonderful options are always available in a Spoons at wonderful prices. Wetherspoons has set the bar for the pub trade. Weak pun intended.

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