WooCommerce POS: Integrated Point of Sale Options

WooCommerce POS: Integrated Point of Sale Options
August 7, 2017 Ben Larcey
In Technical Advice
WooCommerce POS Options

WooCommerce powers over 40% of all ecommerce websites across the internet and is the most requested ecommerce integration we receive when advising on point of sale system selection. It’s easy to see why; a low (free) cost of setup, simple but extendable features and a huge ecosystem of plugins and integrations developed for the platform provide an easy way to get started selling online.

However, despite the rich marketplace of 3rd party add-ons and integrations there are only a handful of options for integrating your online sales data with your in-store POS system. This data synchronisation between sales channels is often a crucial component of running a successful retail operation. Preventing over-selling stock you don’t have, merging CRM and purchasing data and consolidating reporting is only possible with a robust integration. We’ve combined our previous experience and new market research to produce this guide on the options available for integrating WooCommerce with point of sale systems.

Still deciding on WooCommerce? You might want to start with selecting the best point of sale system first and then finding a compatible ecommerce platform. Our philosophy is to let your largest sales channel determine your tech choices. Sell more online – then get your perfect ecommerce platform in place and work around it for your retail stores, vice versa for selling more in store.

Integrations typically come in one of two flavours; direct and 3rd-party platform integrations. Direct integrations connect the two systems directly and are usually officially developed and supported by the two software companies. Platform integrations are developed by third party system integrators, and will often add additional features and flexibility around the integration.

Direct WooCommerce POS Integrations:

Square Logo

Square POS – Free (Integration – $79)

Developed by the WooCommerce team, the Square integration is a simple Woo plugin on sale at $79/year. See our article on Square POS here to see if it’s a good fit for your business, or try our POS recommendation engine.

The plugin is very easy to setup, just click the connect to Square button and you’ll be able to link the two systems by simply logging into your account. You’ll then be able to start the 2-way product and inventory sync and optionally enable the Square payment gateway on your Woo shop.

Limitations will mostly concern larger businesses – the integration is only capable of linking to one Square location if you have multiple locations with separate inventory this integration won’t be any help. Similarly, no order information is sent from WooCommerce to Square – so you’ll have to make do without decent consolidated reporting.

Lightspeed Retail


Lightspeed Retail – From £69 / month (Integration – $99)

Developed by a third party, but officially sold and supported by the WooCommerce team, the Lightspeed Retail POS integration is also managed through a plugin, currently on sale at $99.

This plugin also provides an easy one-button method to connect your store with your Lightspeed Retail account, including support for multiple Lightspeed locations. Whilst somewhat flexible, you’ll need to plan your product structure around the integrations capabilities. Lightspeed is used as the “Source of truth”, meaning you’ll set up your products within the Lightspeed account and then import them into your WooCommerce store rather than the other way around.

Support for complex and variable products is provided, you’ll create your variable products in Lightspeed using their matrix layout and then mapping them to variable products within WooCommerce. You are also able to send products from Woo to Lightspeed one at a time, with the sync with Lightspeed button per product.

Product descriptions, prices and stock levels are auto-synced every 5 minutes and also as customers view products, add to their carts and before checkout completion providing a very robust safe guard against over-selling products.

Note: This integration will only work with the cloud-based Lightspeed Retail, not the On-site version or Lightspeed Restaurant.


Countr Logo

Countr – From €99 / Month (Integration – €39 / month)

Countr has built a direct integration between their cloud-based point of sale system and WooCommerce through your store’s API rather than a plugin. This makes set up as easy as generating a new REST API Key and entering the credentials into your Countr back office.

Priced at €39/month in addition to the base cost of the POS software, Countr claims to sync both products from WooCommerce into Countr and in-store sales to your WooCommerce dashboard, updating stock levels.

3rd Party WooCommerce POS Integrations:

SkuIQSkuIQ (From $99 / Month)

SkuIQ connects your WooCommerce store to 5 point of sale applications; Lightspeed Retail, Clover, Erply, Vend and Square. Inventory can be managed from either your Woo store, your POS app or the SkuIQ dashboard where you can update pricing, titles, descriptions, stock levels and more. SkuIQ also syncs full order information making CRM data and consolidated reporting much easier.