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Socket Mobile Charging Stand

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The Charging Stand for the 700 Series and Series 7 barcode scanners is designed to remain secure on any flat surface where you need to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and productivity.

The ingenious design incorporates a small magnet built into the top of the mounting arch that makes contact with the magnet housed on the bottom of the scanners, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the Charging Stand.

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  • Charging – The Charging Stand contains contacts designed to match the 700 Series and Series 7 barcode scanners charging pins enabling the scanner to charge & operate under AC Power Supply when mounted in the Charging Stand. A light indicates power connection. An AC Power Supply with a USB cable is included.
  • Elegant & Functional – The Charging Stands’ design was carefully chosen to match the 700 Series and Series 7 barcode scanner style of form and function.
  • Secure mounting – The Charging Stands’ robust design is specifically engineered for secure mounting of the barcode scanner. A magnet embedded in the Charging Stand guides the 700 Series and Series 7 barcode scanner into alignment and holds it in place.
  • Stationary with a twist – The Charging Stands’ Mount uses a gimbal & socket to allow a 360 degree rotation and 3D tilt.
  • The Scanner Knows* – The Charging Stands’ detection pins lets the barcode scanner know it is mounted on a Charging Stand. This facilitates a dynamic user environment when moving the scanner from the Charging Stand to the hand.



  • Charging Stand in three pieces (Holder, Base, Stem), minor assembly required
  • 1 AC Power Supply
  • 2 Meters USB Charging Cable
Socket Mobile Charging Stand
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