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  • SpacePole X-Frame

    SpacePole SafeGuard iPad X-Frame


    X-Frame is a lightweight, easy to handle, low profile solution that keeps your iPad POS securely fixed to your countertop. Add the quick release lock option to remove the iPad for handheld ordering or easier safe-keeping overnight.

    Pole Height: 120mm
    Rotation: 270°

    From: £89.00
  • Heckler Windfall for iPad Air

    Heckler Windfall for iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st & 2nd Gen)


    Display your iPad Pro 12.9″ (2015-2017) in style with the Heckler Design Windfall stand. Laser-cut from a single piece of steel, the Windfall is a secure, slim stand perfect for any counter-top.

    Built with security in mind, the Windfall features a built-in Kensington security slot and the optional pivot tack accessory for extra security.

  • £129.00

    Heckler Design Wall Mount for iPad 10.2″

    Securely mount an iPad 7th generation 10.2-inch on any wall – with style and elegance. You can quickly and securely install the WindFall Wall Mount with only two screw holes and one additional hole for the ethernet cable. Suitable for all kinds of settings the WindFall Wall Mount is thoughtfully designed to maintain a constant flow of air over the entire rear surface of your iPad. As your device screen will likely be on non-stop, it’s critical to protect against overheating.

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    Studio Proper Pivot Stand


    The iPad Pivot Stand is the ideal complement to any desktop environment.

    Mount your iPad by your side and use it as secondary screen, a media control centre, or a productive sidekick. Standing tall and handsome in the office, and blending in seamlessly at home.

    From: £79.00
  • Bouncepad ‘Counter’


    Designed to be both elegant and robust, the Bouncepad ‘Counter’ is perfect for those that don’t want to drill holes into their counter tops and want a well-protected, secure and stable tablet stand for their POS.

    It’s weighted base is cleverly shaped, great for storing your cables away so you have a nice clean space while charging your device.

    From: £175.00
  • Heckler Windfall Stand Tall for iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7"

    Heckler WindFall® Checkout Stand Tall for 10.2″ iPad


    Designed with high-volume checkouts and future payment technologies in mind, this special WindFall Stand is a several inches taller than our traditional model. It’s structure is derived from of 10-gauge steel – 29% thicker than our traditional WindFall models. The result is an incredibly stable, beautiful, and minimal point-of-sale.

  • Bouncepad ‘Counter Flex’

    The Bouncepad Flex offers a full range of movement with a flexible stalk that lets you use the screen at any angle.

    – Gymnastic movement allows for maximum interaction without compromising on comfort or security
    – Strong yet supple gooseneck stalk is built to last
    – Keeps your tablet secure and protected
    – Cables neatly stored inside to keep your device powered minus the messy cabling
    – Can be mounted in portrait or landscape depending on your content

    From: £215.00
  • BouncePad Wallmount


    The Bouncepad Wallmount is a low profile solution for vertical surfaces and walls, presenting content at eye level.

    Fixed at an ideal angle of 60° to entice interaction with cables cleverly stowed out of site running through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep your tablet kiosk continuously powered and looking tidy.

    From: £155.00
  • PayPoint® Plus for iPad



    From: £679.00
  • Bouncepad ‘Flip’


    The Bouncepad Flip sits elegantly on your counter top, the perfect solution for screen sharing and point of sale applications.

    – Weighted base and skilfully engineered hinge makes screen sharing smooth and simple

    – Triangular base neatly stores power cables

    – Easily transforms to point of sale by combining with a card reader

    – Can stand alone without being fixed down and withstand vigorous day-to-day usage

    From: £195.00
  • Bouncepad ‘Branch’


    The Bouncepad Branch is the perfect solution in areas where floor space is valuable and you want your walls to do the talking.

    – Presents your content at a focused angle your customers just can’t ignore

    – Elegantly extends from vertical surfaces making the most of your space

    – Simple and fuss-free installation

    – Cables neatly stored inside to keep your device powered minus the messy cabling

    – Can be mounted in portrait or landscape depending on your content

    From: £155.00