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  • Studio Proper Pivot Stand

    Studio Proper P/O/S Pivot Stand


    Seamless, elegant and durable Point Of Sale stand that’s designed to be the perfect option for every businesses. Adjust the screen angle or flip the screen smoothly to forward or rear facing orientations. Integrated cable routing provides for a clutter free setup that stays out of the way.

    From: £119.00
  • £159.00

    Heckler Design Zoom Console for iPad

    Designed in collaboration with the Zoom team specifically to control Zoom Rooms, this striking hardware enables you to use iPad – the best device for Zoom Rooms control – without compromise. Sleek looks, commercial-grade construction, beautiful finish and theft resistance.

  • £119.00

    Heckler Design Side Mount for iPad

    Easily mount an iPad outside your conference rooms and meeting rooms to create beautiful scheduling displays with the Heckler Design Side Mount.

  • £129.00

    Heckler Design Wall Mount for iPad

    Securely mount an iPad Air or iPad Pro 9.7-inch on any wall – with style and elegance. You can quickly and securely install the WindFall Wall Mount with only two screw holes and one additional hole for the ethernet cable. Suitable for all kinds of settings the WindFall Wall Mount is thoughtfully designed to maintain a constant flow of air over the entire rear surface of your iPad. As your device screen will likely be on non-stop, it’s critical to protect against overheating.

  • Bouncepad ‘Counter’


    Designed to be both elegant and robust, the Bouncepad ‘Counter’ is perfect for those that don’t want to drill holes into their counter tops and want a well-protected, secure and stable tablet stand for their POS.

    It’s weighted base is cleverly shaped, great for storing your cables away so you have a nice clean space while charging your device.

    From: £175.00
  • Studio Proper POS Flex Stand

    Studio Proper iPad P/O/S Flex Stand


    The Flex Stand is a beautiful iPad stand designed for retail and hospitality environments. The Flex elevates the iPad, offers angle and height adjustment, whilst managing cable neatly within the anodised Aluminium frame. With a dual iPad mount option, the Flex stand provides complete flexibility to be the ultimate stand for every environment.

    From: £195.00
  • Griffin Airstrap 360

    AirStrap 360 for iPad

    Slip your hand under the strap on the back to experience the real beauty of AirStrap 360 carrying case. It hugs your hand, gently but firmly, making your iPad easy to hold and leaving your other hand free to use your Multi-Touch display. The frame that grips your iPad rotates in 30° intervals, to give you the best viewing angle with the most natural position of your hand.

    From: £25.00
  • PayPoint® Plus for iPad



    From: £999.00