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Improve guest experience, increase revenue, optimise operations and cut costs. Mobile ordering will revolutionise hospitality, are you ready?


Over 2000 of the world's best venues serve with StoreKit



“You've given them that easy choice and it definitely improves sales. It's just the convenience and the option to be able to order when you like without having to go through the analogue process of standing up and walking to a bar.“

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Go live in less than 20 mins

With the industry's easiest to use operator dashboard, you'll need just 20 minutes to start taking your first orders.

Seamless Operations

Higher average spend and streamlined, more efficient service. Without changing your workflow.

Realtime menu changes

Experience the power of a realtime menu. Mark items out of stock in a click, add a last minute dish of the day or make minute-by-minute pricing changes.

Keep your current workflow

Going all in with Order & Pay or adopting it incrementally, you won't need to change your operations. 2-Way EPOS integration means tickets flow to the right stations just as they do now.

Keep the kitchen happy

With higher spend per head and more orders coming in, keeping the kitchen happy is top priority. We make sure that happens by batching orders into single tickets for the kitchen.

Zero Friction Checkout

Zero Friction

With your zero friction checkout, placing an order feels effortless.

100% Web based

We're all in on web technology. Loading your menu takes less than 2 seconds, no clunky app download, no friction.

Zero Passwords

Guests don't need to create an account or remember passwords, just follow the frictionless order & pay process.

Zero Gimmicks

You'll never need to purchase "smart" beacons or install proprietary hardware for you or your customers to use StoreKit.

One Tap Checkout

StoreKit recognises a previous customer and pre-fills their information automatically. At checkout it's a seamless 1-tap process with Apple & Google Pay.


Everything you need to make operations easier, not more complex.

Order Management

Manage all your orders in an easy-to-use dashboard, or inject them into your EPOS.

Menu Management

Manage your menus, categories, products and modifiers with a dead simple menu builder


Create, manage and report on as many stores as you like, there's no limit!

Allergen Compliance

Stay FSA compliant with complete allergen tagging functionality

Modifiers & Variants

Create flexible product options with sophisticated modifier support

QR Codes

Help your customers order easily with auto-generated QR codes you can download

NFC Tags

Tap and pay with NFC tagging. We'll help you setup NFC tags you can stick onto tables

Table Management

Create tables and groups of tables with fully customisable naming / numbering schemes

Inventory Management

Quickly enable and disable products, or use the built-in quantity based inventory system to prevent over-selling

Service Charges

Set optional and suggested service charges on each order. Set flat fees or percentages

Auto Ticket Printing

Print order tickets automatically with compatible cloud printers

SMS Alerts

Get notified via text when you receive a new order

Revenue Analytics

View detailed reporting on sales across products, categories and stores

Marketing Analytics

View detailed reporting on which marketing channels are bringing in the most revenue

Ticket Batching

Keep your kitchen happy with intelligent batching of multiple customer orders into a single ticket for the kitchen

GDPR-Compliant Data Capture

Get unprecedented insight into your customer behaviour, with smart GDPR-compliant marketing opt-ins

Quick Re-Order

Drive higher spend with our fast re-order feature. Two clicks is all your customers need to place another round

Dynamic tips

Smart tipping functionality encourages larger tips at checkout or after guests have left

Timed Menus

Happy hour specials or a limited lunch menu? No problem with fine-grained control of product availability down to category level

86 Items in 1 click

Instant menu updates give you real-time control over your menu. 86 an item in 1 click.

Orders delivered direct to your EPOS

Seamless 2-way integration with over 40 EPOS systems. No re-keying, no re-training and all of your data where you want it.

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