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Integrated IOS point of sale software for multichannel retailers

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Brightpearl POS

Brightpearl is aimed at retailers, and we’d consider them an enterprise software – they only cater to retailers which are trading upwards of <£1,000,000 per year. At this sort of scale, we’d recommend chatting with an advisor from our sister company Bluebird who can discuss the kind of rates we’d expect. Bluebird website.



What makes it different? 

Brightpearl is one of a few iPad-based enterprise software providers. Enterprise software is generally highly customised to the specific needs of the company.


Brightpearl runs on iOS so it requires an Apple device such as an iPad to run. All the hardware displayed here is compatible. Much of the rest is customisable depending on your present choices.


Brightpearl has a UK (Bristol) team and 16-hour per day customer support.

Getting started

Because of its large and customisable inventory of features, Brightpearl is more difficult to set up and many users will factor the a set-up into the starting prices set by the company.  Brightpearl do free demos.

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