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Feature-rich point of sale platform focusing on mid-market and enterprise users.


Compatible with iOS
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Revel Systems

Revel is aimed at hospitality or simple retail, and we’d consider them an enterprise software – they have a very rich inventory of features and analytics and bespoke pricing. At this sort of scale, we’d recommend chatting with an advisor from our sister company Bluebird who can discuss the kind of rates we’d expect. Bluebird website




Revel Systems runs on iPads. All the hardware here is compatible. Much of the rest is customisable depending on your current set-up. For payments, they integrate with iZettle, Paypal Here, Bluebird, and payment express.


Revel has 24/7 customer support via phone.

Getting started

Because of its large and customisable inventory of features, Revel is more difficult to set up and many users will factor the a set-up into the starting prices set by the company.  Revel System can be demoed for free. To get put in touch, email

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Revel Systems POS is the premier partner for Intuit QuickBooks integration. The Revel POS System is an award-winning iPad Point-of-Sale Solution, for any businesses, with one location, or with multiple locations. The Revel POS is a quick, intuitive & secure Point-of-Sale system. Revel Systems POS software offers a feature-rich POS solution for any restaurant, retail, or QSR establishment, with integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management & more!

Supported Platforms iOS
Industries Retail, Hospitality
Pricing POA
Payment Integrations iZettle, Verifone

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