a guide to "menu engineering"

How to optimise your paper menu for upsells, profit, or a great guest experience.

What is menu engineering for restaurants?

Menu engineering is the process of optimising your menu for upsells, profit, or a great guest experience. It's the field of study that asks: what makes an effective menu?

Sounds simple enough. And yet a lot of the literature on the topic  –  including in well-known hospitality journals – has not been based on concrete data. At its worst, marketers and consultants have regurgitated opinion journalism until it has become widely accepted as fact.

A quick search on Google or YouTube shows that a lot of menu engineering myths have persisted. So the challenge for hospitality businesses is to sift through lots of bad advice about menus.

We want to change that. This ebook will explain how you can set up your menu to influence how and what customers order. They will be equally valuable across mobile and paper menus; both require that you use prices, choices, and design to influence your customers in similar ways.

How can I start menu engineering?

First, download this guide... and start employing some of the tricks described inside. We'll look at choice psychology in menu engineering, including anchoring and decoy techniques. We'll look at menu layout; how to use menu engineering to improve the way that your menu looks to encourage sales. Finally, we'll look at pricing.

Is storekit menu engineered?

Yes. We have the performance data of 1000s of storekit customers, and we use that to continuously refine the way that our order and pay system looks to make it as easy as possible to pay.