Storekit integrates with Stampede CRM

Storekit is pleased to announce it integrates with Stampede CRM – a hospitality data platform for your users.

Stampede CEO Patrick Clover said: “This is a game changer for our customers. Storekit’s Order & Pay product is best in class and the integration between Stampede and storekit enables unparalleled visibility on the entire customer journey.”

What is Stampede?

Stampede is a hospitality growth technology. It’s a range of tools all in one platform that hospitality operators can use to bring more customers back more often, increase spend per head and better manage their online reviews. Stampede helps venues capture customer data and put it to good use with marketing, advertising and loyalty programs.

This encompasses a range of tools that hospitality operators can use to keep customers coming back, increase spend, and better manage online reviews; with Stampede, you can capture customer data and utilise it for marketing, advertising, and loyalty programmes.

What does the Stampede x storekit integration mean?

The integration lets you make the most of the customer data that your storekit menu gives you. That means that data will export from storekit into Stampede, and it’s possible to know not only how often a customer has come to your venue, but also what they were buying, and how much.

You can plug this into your loyalty and retention efforts in really exciting ways. Using the two platforms together means storekit customers can send campaigns to encourage return customer visits, ask for more reviews and improve their online reputation – all based on real transaction information from the venue.

Rather than using a growth system made for online businesses, Storekit customers will have access to a system made specif

ically for hospitality businesses. And with multiple tools all in one platform, it removes the need for many costly software subscriptions to get the same digital functionality.

Try it! 

Login to your dashboard on storekit to get started, and click on “what’s new.” Or, talk to a member of our team at to get more information about the integration.