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  • Socket Mobile Charging Dock

    Socket Mobile Charging Dock


    This Charging Dock charges the S700 series Socket Mobile products. Charge your scanner and remain serviceable at the same time. Providing a method to use the Auto Scan feature with 2D barcode scanners or the RFID reader, the dock is ideal for scanning from mobile devices. In addition, the ingenious design incorporates small magnets to align the charging dock and the scanner, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the Charging Dock. As a dock, the charging dock is stylish, eliminating ugly wires from site.

    *Barcode scanner not included.

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    Socket Mobile Charging Stand

    The Charging Stand for the 700 Series barcode scanner is designed to remain secure on any flat surface where you need to maximise barcode scanning efficiency and productivity.

    The ingenious design incorporates a small magnet built into the top of the mounting arch that makes contact with the magnet housed on the bottom of the scanners, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the Charging Stand.

  • Socket Mobile Charging Cradle

    Socket Mobile Charging Cradle


    Charging Cradle & AC Adapter for CHS Series 7.

    The CHS Series 7 charging cradle is designed to recharge and allow easy storage of the CHS 7Ci/7Mi/7Qi scanner when not in use or in between scanning sessions. Included with the cradle is a multi-angle mounting bracket to setup the cradle in different positions on a flat surface or attached to a wall to allow for optimal comfort and ergonomics.