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  • SpacePole C-Frame Universal 10″ Tablet Stand


    The most affordable and versatile mPOS stands we’ve ever have the pleasure to find! The Spacepole C Series Frame encloses any 10″ tablet into a secure POS unit. Available in white, red, yellow, green, blue and black these versatile stands are a perfect fit for all Samsung Galaxy 10″ tablets, iPads and iPad Airs as well as a wide range of other 10″ tablets.

    Compatibility – All 10″ Android, Windows and iPad tablets (not suitable for 7″ tablets or iPad Minis)

  • Studio Proper iPad Swivel Stand


    Versatile and ergonomic — The Studio Proper iPad Swivel Stand is designed to seamlessly and securely mount and display your iPad. Combining 180° of swivel rotation for convenient customer interaction, and an ergonomically friendly 80° of angle adjustment; the Swivel Stand optimises the user experience of your iPad, and looks beautiful in every environment.

    With the included MFi certified Lightning cable, the Swivel Stand conceals your cables, and keeps your iPad locked securely into place, while remaining powered at all times.

  • Bouncepad ‘Mobi’


    The Bouncepad ‘Mobi’ is a protective iPad case and dock that allows you to keep mobile card readers securely attached, charged, and easy to share.

    Mobi uses contact points instead of cables to charge your iPad and card reader, reducing wear and increasing uptime.

    Mobi includes an iPad Case, Dock, MagTwist Connector and micro USB cable, hand-strap, power supply with UK, US, and European adaptors, and an extended micro USB cable. All you need to add is your iPad and card reader.


  • Heckler Design Zoom Console for iPad

    Designed in collaboration with the Zoom team specifically to control Zoom Rooms, this striking hardware enables you to use iPad – the best device for Zoom Rooms control – without compromise. Sleek looks, commercial-grade construction, beautiful finish and theft resistance.

  • Heckler Design Side Mount for iPad

    Easily mount an iPad outside your conference rooms and meeting rooms to create beautiful scheduling displays with the Heckler Design Side Mount.

  • Bouncepad ‘Counter’


    Designed to be both elegant and robust, the Bouncepad ‘Counter’ is perfect for those that don’t want to drill holes into their counter tops and want a well-protected, secure and stable tablet stand for their POS.

    It’s weighted base is cleverly shaped, great for storing your cables away so you have a nice clean space while charging your device.

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