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  • Compulocks Space 360 Tablet Enclosure

    The Space 360 Enclosure stand features rounded edges and open corners for improved ventilation and allows for limited access to buttons and inputs.

    The 360 stand is a longtime best-seller intended for counter-top use as a secure interactive display or kiosk. The combination of the Space enclosure and 360 base allows you to display your Tablet in a professional manner with a clean and comfortable look.

    It has a full screen tilt that allows you to reverse the screen to show your customer, visitor, or clientele the on-screen information. The mount allows you to easily rotate your Tablet between portrait and landscape modes and the base can be securely bolted to the counter.

    From: £141.00
  • V-Bracket Dual Tablet Stand

    V-Bracket Dual iPad POS Stand is a robust and secure solution for your business’ POS system. The intuitively designed stand has a rotating and swivelling head and adjustable height pole, making your iPad POS system easy to use and accessible. The pole stand has through wire design for cable management to keep your counter-top clean from clutter. Our V-Bracket secure iPad stand allows for an iPad facing the employee and one iPad facing the customer to speed up checkout.

    Quick Lock and Unlock Keyed Lock
    – Individual Tilt and Swivel Screens
    – Through Arm Cable Management
    – Telescoping Adjustable Arm Stand
    – Variety of Base Options

    From: £183.00
  • £145.00

    Compulocks Hand Grip and Dock Tablet Stand

    Perfect for mobile tablet users, this universal tablet hand grip and lockable stand allows you to “grab and go” with your tablet and safely display it when stationary.

    The ergonomically designed Hand Grip has an adjustable strap and 360 degree tablet rotation. Complete with a secure display docking stand featuring our quick lock design, it provides you a clean way to store your Tablet Hand Grip between uses or even as point of sale.

    – Tablet Hand Grip
    – Quick Lock Docking Stand
    – Swivel Base Plate

  • £58.00

    Compulocks HoverTab Security Tablet Stand

    The HoverTab is a great universal tablet security stand that provides a clean and simply way to securely display your tablet.

    The HoverTab is a two part system, the first being an adhesive steel plate that connects to the back of the iPad, Galaxy Tab or smartphone. The second is the six inch high stand, sloped at a 60 degree angle for an optimal viewing angle and has 4 inch base for stabilized balance no matter the connected device.

    You can alternate between Portrait or Landscape Mode and can be used on a Counter top or mounted on a wall.