What is StoreKit?

What is StoreKit?

The StoreKit Team


StoreKit distributes hardware to stores, and makes sure you’re set up with the matching software for free. We’ve negotiated bulk discounts from software providers so we can introduce you at a cheaper price.

We have live chat during office hours, and our staff have come to know a great deal about EPOS system offerings – so if you need to pick their brains, or just want to check your working, we should talk.

We also do next day delivery on all hardware, so you can get everything working tomorrow.


What’s the big deal about software?

Most people who come to StoreKit are looking for hardware, but we tend to think of the software as more important.

That’s because the software is more expensive in the long run (even the “free” ones), and because the software will affect your business more than the hardware. You also need to make sure your hardware and software are compatible, so when you’re buying hardware, you need to think about software.

To check whether your hardware and software are compatible, try our online kit-builder tool or phone us if you want to talk it through.


You get paid commission by the software companies, right?

Yes. This keeps our service free for you. This is around the same amount whoever we refer you to, and it tends to be cheaper to buy through us than to buy direct because of our negotiated discounts. We have “bulk” power, so where negotiation is possible, we can drive down the price.

There are companies who want to pay us but which we won’t recommend, because they’re hiding extra charges or we do not believe their product is good enough. If you want more information about why we won’t partner with some companies, check out our blog on our selection process.

We go over the kind of EPOS system companies we will and won’t work with in this blog.