StoreKit’s 2020 Guide to Ghost Kitchens: From the Experts

StoreKit’s 2020 Guide to Ghost Kitchens: From the Experts

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What’s a ghost kitchen? Why should I set one up?

How do I secure investors?

Get your delivery business running smoothly with insights from industry leaders and restaurant management experts!

In the context of a lockdown, all kitchens are online restaurants – and at StoreKit, where our focus is technology, that means thinking very carefully about online ordering software for takeaway restaurants.

Apps like Deliveroo and UberEats have ushered in a golden age of food delivery. 60% of UK adults are active delivery users who, on average, order two times per month and spend £9.47 per head per order, according to the MCA food delivery report 2018.


Meanwhile, the UK eating out market is dropping off. And it’s no surprise that sofa-ordering and ghost kitchens are taking over. Smartphone supremacy and new demands for consumer convenience mean restaurants need to evolve in order to keep up with the trends. As our guide shows, decisions need to be made about which marketplaces – new delivery services which deliver your restaurant’s food to the customers – you work with: Deliveroo, UberEats or all of them? Or perhaps none of them?

You can also cash in on the craze by setting up your own ghost kitchen. You might already have a restaurant business and want to expand your offering with a separate delivery menu, or you might have a great restaurant idea but want to minimise your overheads by being takeaway only.

As with any business idea, you need to plan carefully before making any moves and work out the logistics far in advance. StoreKit’s guide brings together the know-how and trade secrets behind ghost kitchens.

Get ahead of the curve by adopting the new technology that’s out there. StoreKit is partnered with all the leading EPOS brands so can advise you on what exactly you need.


A sneak peak of what’s inside:

How much cheaper are ghost kitchens?

Virtual kitchen provider Taster explains how ghost kitchens have turned dream restaurant ideas into reality. KTCHNrebel magazine give us their predictions on the future of cloud-based ordering.

Dodo Pizza admit that technology is changing the fast food sector rapidly but are skeptical towards ghost kitchen success – why?

Kitchup and The Food Corridor advise on the questions you must ask before you sign a rental contract with a commercial kitchen.

Running your kitchen smoothly – consultancy company Egg Soldiers lay out the differences between a ghost kitchen and brick-and-mortar establishment.

Flipdish lay out what’s important in restaurant management software.

Why do I need restaurant management software? It’s a no-brainer, says ApicBase.

How to be better at managing your workers, according to Deputy.

StoreKit’s 2020 Guide to Ghost Kitchens: From the Experts
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