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What is a digital menu for restaurants?

A digital menu is an online version of your menu, that can be accessed via a link on your website or a QR code. You can display full product, nutritional and allergen information, as well as product photos, videos and more.

How does an online ordering system work?

Guests will place orders through your online store. Typically for takeaway, they will access this through your website or through a link on your socials. For dine-in restaurants, guests will scan a QR code to browse, order & pay. Orders can be viewed on any device, or sent directly to a printer.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is create your free account here. Once you’ve created your account, you can import your menu for free from your website or upload it yourself. When you’ve uploaded your menu, you’ll then need to verify your payment details to start taking orders.

Is storekit available in my country?

You can view a full list of available countries on our account creation page. If you can’t see your country, reach out and we’ll see if we can help you.

What is an online ordering system for restaurants?

An online ordering system enables you to monetise your digital menu by taking orders online. This can be through takeaway (pickup and delivery) as well as QR code ordering for dine-in options (QR code order & pay, pay-at-table and add-to-bill).

How much does storekit cost?

We have two pricing models for restaurants, pay-as-you-go and storekit+. Our pay-as-you-go model is free to join, and free to use - you just pay a card transaction fee per order. Our premium model, storekit+, starts at £19 per week per location and comes with lots of extra money-making features. Find out more about our pricing here.

How do I upload my menu?

We’ve made uploading your menu as easy as it can be with our new auto-importer. You’ll just need a PDF version of your menu, or a link to your website. Our tech will do the rest.

How can I get more online orders?

Our easy-to-use UX makes it simple for guests to place orders - meaning they’ll order more, more often. To maximise your online sales channels, you should advertise you storekit in a number of places, including: your website, your social medias & your Google account.

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