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November 3, 2022

Storekit announces new partnership with the leading cloud technology experts for UK hospitality, EPOSABILITY

"The powerful EPOS partnership that packs a punch."

We're excited to announce our strategic partnership with the UK's leading cloud technology experts for hospitality, Eposability. Together we’re on a mission to empower hospitality to serve better by providing the easiest, fastest and most flexible order and pay solution. We’re thrilled to share that this new partnership will continue to serve existing clients like the Daisy Green Collection, as well as some exciting new joint opportunities.

"As a partner, Eposability rigorously vets all technologies going into their customers' environments, and has worked with us at storekit to enhance the existing integration with Lightspeed POS, ensuring that we really do have the most powerful and operationally sound product on the market."
- Angus Jackson, Co-Founder, storekit.

Hold up… who’s storekit?

Storekit is the leading order and pay solution built by hospitality veterans for ambitious operators. We work with brands like Pizza Pilgrims and Ballie Ballerson to give guests the ultimate ordering experience. 

We're more than just a pretty face (or QR code in this case). We work with venues of all shapes & sizes to revolutionise the way guests order, by focusing on 3 main areas:

  • The ability to 'Order and Pay' in a couple of clicks; no strings attached!
  • Waiting staff can serve guests in a traditional manner while empowering them to 'Pay-at-Table' on their terms, with our digital bills.
  • Venues of all sizes can build and scale their business through our fully customisable 'Collection and Delivery' platform, meaning you can cut out the middleman (& their commission fees).

"Storekit has been developed with the operator in mind, which perfectly aligns them with Eposability’s primary goal of solving hospitality challenges through technology and ultimately adding value to our mutual clients", says Aaron Resch, COO at Eposability.

"The collaboration between the Eposability and storekit development teams means that we can solve challenges that no one else on the market can solve. Not only can we improve operational efficiency to manage staff shortages and increase table turn times, but we can also increase revenue through higher average spend and increased throughput. Increased staff tips also help with employee buy-in." says Aaron.

What makes storekit & Eposability the ultimate dynamic duo?

Eposability is a leading hospitality partner with unparalleled experience implementing and supporting integrated cloud technology solutions, such as Lightspeed POS. They’re the one-stop provider for all of your hospitality technology needs.

Storekit loves Eposability because they offer an end-to-end service starting with setting up a network infrastructure to support a comprehensive, best-in-class, cloud-based stack of software solutions to empower businesses and deliver value. Seems like a lot of power, right? Well, what's more is that they don't leave it all in your hands! Eposability provides full support for all technology solutions implemented whenever you need.

Through this partnership we’re adding value to your business by improving your operational efficiency and creating additional revenue stream opportunities. Together, storekit and Eposibility are on a mission to provide scalability, and profitability to ambitious operators of all shapes and sizes. A match made in heaven, really!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to hire more staff?

No, you will not need to hire more floor staff. Our clients find that they can serve more guests with the same team by removing unnecessary steps of service. Your guests get their food & drink quicker, and your staff can focus on providing a better service.

Do you charge commissions?

No, we do not charge commission costs. Only transaction fees, just as you would pay with PDQ machines.

Is my business too small or too big for this?

No matter the shape or size of your business, storekit is the right tool for your operation. We work with all kinds of hospitality businesses in the UK (& abroad) to increase their sales, control their costs & enable an exceptional customer experience.

Will it reduce customer interaction?

No, you will not lose out on customer interaction. By removing tasks for your staff, they can spend more time on what matters. Bar staff can focus on making the best drinks possible, rather than taking orders. Floor staff can focus on engaging with guests and serving with a smile.

Do my guests want to order from their phones?

Online ordering for restaurants lets your guests order what they want, when they want. They get their food & drink quicker, without the stress of paying the bill. Your staff get more tips & can focus on what they do best - providing the best quality customer experience. You'll make more money & save costs. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

How long does it take to get my money?

We send payouts daily, but the bank usually takes 2 days to process them. That means, the money that you earn on Monday will be in your bank account by Thursday morning. This is rolling - so you'll get paid daily.

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