1.9% + 15p for every successful card transaction.

Apple Pay
American Express

Free setup

Most venues are eligible for a full StoreKit setup! If you’re interested, this requires £199 deposit, but is free – we reimburse the money after you’ve been trading for two months.

This includes everything you need to get started. That’s a full menu build from scratch. It’s a two hour photography session. It’s also premium, table-specific QR codes which look like this.

Finally, we include a dedicated customer success manager to assist you along the way with dedicated first-night support.

Any other costs?

If you're using StoreKit standalone as a complete POS, you’re responsible for your own hardware including a receipt printer and any tablet you may want. And that’s it! There’s no hidden costs or fees.

Net or gross billing?

Net. (The money is deducted before the money hits your account).

When / how often do we receive payments?

2-3 working days, just like a card reader. You’ll be able to see all remittance data from within your dashboard.