How Daisy Green is cutting wait times and serving with operational excellence

The Story

The Daisy Green Collection was founded by investment bankers Prue Freeman and Tom Onions in 2012.  Over the last decade, the collection has expanded to over 11 venues and counting, boasting an exciting mix of cafes, restaurants, secret underground gardens, canal boats and shipping containers.

We’ve partnered with the DG collection to roll out mobile ordering across venues spanning London including; Barbie Green, Daisy Green, Bondi Green, Darcie & May Green, and Scarlett Green. The idea: to bring an Aussie inspired all-day dining experience to the heart of London, in a couple of clicks.

The Goals

Daisy Green wanted an innovative way to tackle staffing issues, and re-engage staff and guests. 'For us, a solution that integrated easily with our current POS system while providing a straightforward experience for guests and staff was the goal', 'We wanted to speed up the whole order & pay experience and give the team more free time. Each venue has a unique story and we want to create an atmosphere where we can tell that story. 'By reducing the team's time running up & down to tables, they now have much more to focus on guests and chat about the venues or menu. As a result, the floor feels more relaxed, as do the guests.

The Challenges

Victoria Harding, Operations Manager at the Daisy Green Group shares the importance of introducing new tech to hospitality in the right way. ‘It’s a challenge.  I wanted to help the team understand that storekit is here to help. It's here to support the wait staff, not behave as a waiter.' People can find tech overwhelming,' Victoria says. 'And we wanted to make it as easy as possible by providing a solution the team would really engage with.'


'For us, the ability to build a bespoke integration with our existing POS was a huge reason we chose storekit', Victoria says. We partnered with Comtrex, Daisy's existing POS solution, to build a custom integration that meant storekit could speak directly to DG's system in just a few clicks and nothing else had to change. 'Building the integration itself was actually really straightforward. Since Comtrex is an older solution, I assumed it would be quite hard to integrate. But, in reality, it was straightforward and fast. Between Ben & the storekit team, we didn't have to do much!' Comtrex provides superior POS solutions specifically designed for a diverse range of restaurant environments, including fine dining, family service and quick service operations. 'The integration streamlines operations by enabling us to cut daily waste and labour costs while increasing sales. In addition, Comtrex links to our stock, cash reconciliation and reporting functions, so having the ability to plug storekit directly into that meant that the team didn't have to do any manual or additional work.' 'Storekit talks to the tills. It makes service steps a lot more simple and easier to manage.' Victoria says. Building a single source of truth enabled Daisy Green to easily create sales reports, gather insights on peak periods of business and trading, and data on finances and stock.' 'Having a single source of truth is important for Operators as we analyze those reports weekly to determine how the business is doing. Storekit makes that reporting so much more straightforward.'

The Results

'There's been a huge uptake from the team' Victoria smiles. 'Last weekend, Darcie & May did 50% of their sales on storekit alone. When the weather changes, it can really impact service in our outdoor terraces and boats. If we suddenly find ourselves tight on staff after the rain clears up, storekit takes away considerable stress by allowing us to instantly double our capacity with no extra staff. Known for its colourful Antipodean dishes, the Daisy Green menu is a visual delight. 'We've definitely noticed an increase in upselling. Modifiers and prompts have definitely led to more people adding sides or drinks as the menu is visually appealing. Also, when people have the option to see all of the add-ons in one place, they tend to order more.  They have more of a tailored experience with the menu. When you're finished with your drink or want to add another side, you don't have to wait to get the waiter's attention, so with storekit, the speed of service is a lot quicker and naturally, the spend per head increases.

What Next?

The success of the Daisy Green team is just the tip of the iceberg. The group are expanding across the city on a mission to bring unique Aussie inspired experiences to Londoners. Next month sees the launch of their new Richmond-based barge launch, with a vast Bishopsgate venue on the agenda for late Summer. Daisy Green are the new wave of ambitious operators, and we can't wait to see what's next.

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