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How Manjaros Pivoted to direct orders

Manjaros, the 15-site franchised QSR chain joined storekit to give their customers a seamless direct online ordering experience for pickup, delivery and dine-in QR code order & pay.

Serving with 6,000+ stores worldwide.

About manjaros

In 2013, the first Manjaros restaurant was opened in Middlesbrough. Their unique African and Caribbean flavours combined with a community focus were an instant hit with the locals, and the brand quickly became one to watch in Northern England. Within just ten years, Manjaros has grown to 15 franchised sites across the UK, and is a household favourite for many celebrities, such as Tyson Fury.

We sat down with Saman Karimi, founder of Elmfield Lloyd - a specialist consultancy firm for franchised restaurants in the UK. Responsible for sourcing and implementing the best digital solutions for their clients, with a goal of making franchisee’s and staff’s lives easier.

"It’s vital that the experience for the customer feels the same, and looks better than what they’re used to with the marketplace apps, otherwise they won’t use it again."

The quickest order


Customers demand that the direct ordering experience is quick and easier than ordering through a marketplace app.


Despite being locally famous, Manjaros were reliant on marketplace platforms to accept online orders.

Saman was tasked with finding a solution that would not only allow them to take online order direct for a fair price, but also a system that their customers would prefer to use over a marketplace app.

This placed user experience (UX) at the heart of their search. Not just look & feel, but speed too. No app download. No account creation. No delays.

A seamless experience would mean more customers, ordering more food, more often.


100% direct online orders in Express stores, 35% direct online orders for pickup in marketplace stores - with £7.60 saved per direct order in commission fees.

"Every penny saved by not paying Uber fees, we put back into our community - offering deals and discounts for ordering direct, with Manjaros."

Investing in marketing


Restaurants must build their own customer databases for marketing, to fuel growth for the future.


Manjaros have an innovative view on cost savings. Rather than pocketing these savings immediately and suffering from a low volume of direct orders, they’ve adopted a strategic longterm view on growing their customer database for direct marketing.

Manjaros now implement regular promotions that are unique to each franchised site, therefore giving back to the local community for supporting them by ordering direct.

Some examples of this include a buy-one-get-one-free offer at their flagship Middlesbrough store which led to a 2x increase in sales, across the week.


+40% increase in turnover as a result of direct marketing campaigns (SMS).

“The fact that you can maintain your own customer database and use that information whenever you please is the main factor for moving direct, not the price.”

Integration spotlight

Start taking direct online orders


What is a digital menu for restaurants?

A digital menu is an online version of your menu, that can be accessed via a link on your website or a QR code. You can display full product, nutritional and allergen information, as well as product photos, videos and more.

How does an online ordering system work?

Guests will place orders through your online store. Typically for takeaway, they will access this through your website or through a link on your socials. For dine-in restaurants, guests will scan a QR code to browse, order & pay. Orders can be viewed on any device, or sent directly to a printer.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is create your free account here. Once you’ve created your account, you can import your menu for free from your website or upload it yourself. When you’ve uploaded your menu, you’ll then need to verify your payment details to start taking orders.

Is storekit available in my country?

You can view a full list of available countries on our account creation page. If you can’t see your country, reach out and we’ll see if we can help you.

What is an online ordering system for restaurants?

An online ordering system enables you to monetise your digital menu by taking orders online. This can be through takeaway (pickup and delivery) as well as QR code ordering for dine-in options (QR code order & pay, pay-at-table and add-to-bill).

How much does storekit cost?

We have two pricing models for restaurants, pay-as-you-go and storekit+. Our pay-as-you-go model is free to join, and free to use - you just pay a card transaction fee per order. Our premium model, storekit+, starts at £19 per week per location and comes with lots of extra money-making features. Find out more about our pricing here.

How do I upload my menu?

We’ve made uploading your menu as easy as it can be with our new auto-importer. You’ll just need a PDF version of your menu, or a link to your website. Our tech will do the rest.

How can I get more online orders?

Our easy-to-use UX makes it simple for guests to place orders - meaning they’ll order more, more often. To maximise your online sales channels, you should advertise you storekit in a number of places, including: your website, your social medias & your Google account.

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