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December 11, 2023

EPOS Systems for Takeaways: Square vs SumUp vs Zettle Compared – But Is There a Better Option?


When it comes to running a takeaway, the technology you choose to manage payments and orders can make or break your business. Common choices like Square, SumUp, and Zettle each have their merits, but the real question is: are these traditional EPOS systems the best fit for your takeaway, or is there a more streamlined solution? Let’s explore.

Understanding EPOS Systems for Takeaways

EPOS systems are like the central nervous system of a retail operation, processing sales, managing inventory, and sometimes even overseeing employee performance. In the takeaway world, they've become synonymous with efficiency. But is this efficiency always aligned with the needs of your business?

Square: Comprehensive but Complex

Square is a behemoth in the EPOS world, offering a suite of features that can dazzle any business owner. With robust inventory management and detailed sales tracking, it's a powerhouse. However, for the small takeaway shop, Square might be akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut – effective, but perhaps excessively so.

SumUp: Simple but Limited

SumUp simplifies things, paring down the complexities to deliver a more user-friendly experience. It's ideal for small businesses that need basic functionality without the frills. But simplicity can be a double-edged sword, as SumUp might fall short for takeaways looking for a bit more oomph in their operational capabilities.

Zettle by PayPal: A Middle Ground

Zettle strikes a balance, offering a user-friendly platform with a decent range of features, and its PayPal integration is a plus for businesses already using this payment gateway. It’s a solid middle-of-the-road option, but again, we have to ask – is it tailored enough for the unique demands of a takeaway business?

The Drawbacks of Traditional EPOS Systems

Traditional EPOS systems, for all their strengths, come with complexities and costs that might not align with the needs of smaller takeaways. They often offer more features than necessary, and the investment in both time and money can be significant. Is there an alternative that sidesteps these drawbacks?

The Rise of Online Ordering Systems: A Streamlined Alternative

Enter online ordering systems, such as storekit. These platforms are designed specifically for takeaways and restaurants, focusing on what these businesses truly need: efficient order processing and straightforward payment solutions. They're typically easier to set up and use, and often more cost-effective than full-scale EPOS systems.

Why Online Ordering Systems Might Be the Better Choice

With an online ordering system, you're not just simplifying the ordering process; you're tailoring it to the modern consumer's preference for digital convenience. These systems can often integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, streamlining your operations without the overhead and complexity of a traditional EPOS.

Conclusion: Rethinking Takeaway Tech Needs

In the battle of EPOS systems – Square, SumUp, Zettle – each has its strengths. However, for many takeaways, the question isn’t about which EPOS system to choose, but whether an EPOS system is the right choice at all. Online ordering systems offer a compelling alternative, one that aligns more closely with the specific needs of takeaways. It’s worth considering if this streamlined, digital-first approach might be what your business actually needs to thrive.

For a deeper dive into why a traditional EPOS system might not be necessary for your takeaway, stay tuned for our upcoming article: “What is an EPOS System for Takeaway and Why You Probably Don’t Need One”.

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