Zonal is a UK-based, family-owned connected technology provider, helping more than 16,000 hospitality and leisure businesses connect the customer journey.
Trusted by more than 16,000 hospitality and leisure businesses nationwide, Zonal’s market-leading EPoS system is built to be an essential part of any hospitality business. Designed to fit the demanding and diverse requirements of the industry, our EPoS provides you with complete operational control, helping you to increase speed of service, maximise efficiency and deliver vital business insights.
We understand that every business is different, and as such our EPoS system is tailored around your unique requirements. So, whether you run a single coffee shop to a national restaurant chain, our EPoS can be as small or as big as you want it to be – and because it is scalable, it can grow as your business and ambitions grow.
Depending on your requirements, our EPoS solutions are available as a software-only solution or complete with hardware. This allows businesses who have already invested in their existing systems to retain their hardware, while benefiting from Zonal’s full EPoS functionality. We offer a range of hardware which combines stylish features with smart functionality to allow your operations staff to work easily and efficiently. Zonal’s card payment system (ZCPS) also allows you to take payments at the table and at any point-of-sale. In addition, we also offer handheld terminals providing a slick user experience, allowing your staff to process orders faster and turn tables quicker, reducing staff visits to the bar or kitchen. We provide EPoS to a variety of businesses – pubs & bars, restaurants, hotels and more.

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