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It’s time to take back summer from covid-19. Get set up with a phone to table ordering system. For free, right now.

116 companies signed up in the last week alone!
The Ivy House
Mangetout Express
The Hut
The Crees Inn

Overview – Order & Pay Made Simple

What your customers see

  • Navigate

    Open your menu using a quick QR code – no typing required!

  • Choose

    A simple and intuitive interface with three clicks to checkout.

  • Pay

    Scan your card and skip manual detail entry.

And some features just for you

  • Analyse

    Use our sales and marketing analytics to understand your store better than before.

  • Print

    Print dockets to take to your kitchen as well as your bar.

  • Takeaway

    In addition to StoreKit Order & Pay, get access to the whole SK Takeaway feature suite. Pickup slots, and even delivery zones!

Admin screen illustration

The New Hospitality

Today, we’re obliged to prevent crowded indoor bar spaces and avoid spreading virus-prone surfaces like card machines. Today, we can order by phone – and create an experience with more customers buying than ever. As restaurant technologists, we believe this a good thing. It’s all about how you do it.

No App Required

You don’t want to ask your customers to download an app. Your customers don’t want to download an app. So here’s our advice: don’t get an app. This isn’t an app, it’s a “progressive web app” – which retains the best parts of an app, such as food-ready push notifications; but removes the download hassle.

Mobile Ambiance

Retain your signature “look” with a fully customisable website, complete with theme colours and pictures. Our system is totally mobile-first, and we’ve built the system around mobile. It’s fast, responsive, and beautiful.


We’re serious about “everyone” enjoying our app, and that’s why we’ve made this system with Gran in mind. Don’t worry, there’s no 1970s aesthetic – just an extremely usable interface for people of all abilities and ages. We’ve made it as smooth as butter – especially the “pain points” of URL navigation and the checkout.


Get the information you need to grow your business. You’ll be able to see which days of the week bring in the most sales, and which hours of the day typically boast the highest average spending. Marketing reports tell you where most of your sales are coming from.

Table Management

Create and name specific tables and groups of tables for easy access and viewing! You can name them by numbers, or individuals – and you can call them tables, booths, bars, golf holes, or something else!

Payment Only Pricing

Start selling by phone app for free. We’re serious. There’s no expensive commission, no monthly fees, no bills in the post. There’s only a nominal payment processing of 1.59% plus 15p.

What's included

  • Unlimited stores

  • Instant setup

  • Offer local delivery & collection

  • Online payment processing



Card payments: 1.59% + 15p per transaction

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?

The software is! Many of the other softwares you will consider are software brands, whereas we’re a payment processor. That means we can fund the software with payments rates only, whereas other software brands will have to use a third party processor and bill you for the software separately.

Will it work with my website?

SK Takeaway is separate to your existing website so if you're using WordPress, Squarespace or anything else, you'll just need to add a link to your new online ordering website. If you don't have a website you can send your customers straight to your online ordering site.

Can I make changes?

Easily create, editing and disable products in the dashboard. You're able to control everything about your menu without needing to contact us, although we're happy to help.

Can I have multiple stores?

It’s encouraged! There’s no hidden fees: have as many stores as you want.

How can I accept cards online?

All you'll need to do is signup for a StoreKit Payments account, which takes around 5 minutes. We'll need some info about your business and potentially some documents.

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