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November 7, 2022

10 World Cup Essentials for Sports Bars & Pubs (2022), unofficial digital guide by storekit

Who would’ve thought of it, a World Cup in the winter? Well, here it is. With only two weeks left until it all kicks off again, we’re here to make sure that you’re ready to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The double bubble. England lifting the World Cup trophy, leading into the Christmas season. We couldn’t ask for a better reason to celebrate for two months straight.

But one thing we never celebrate is leaving money on the table. And just think about all of the money that you’ll be leaving on the table if you don’t nail the next two months. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Introducing, storekit’s unofficial World Cup 2022 guide to success, for restaurants, sports bars, pubs & any other hospitality business that cares. 

10 essentials. 10 opportunities to make more money. Don’t follow them and your 2022 World Cup experience will be as miserable as Italy’s.

1) Show the games

The first essential really is essential. If you’ve got TVs and a TV license, make use of it. Show the games. World Cup 2022 is live on BBC & ITV (in the UK), and is free to watch. Tap here for the full list of games, times & channels (powered by Sky Sports). If you’re not showing all of the games - you’re missing out on potential footfall.

2) Let people know

A fatal mistake. You’re showing the World Cup, but you haven’t told anyone about it. If you’ve got an Instagram account (if you don’t have one, create an account here), make sure you tell your followers that you’re showing the World Cup.

3) Get your staff ready

Live sport is stressful. But it doesn’t need to be. Prepare your teams properly, and things will run smoothly. During the EURO 2020 tournament, we saw our most successful sports bars & pubs operated with focused teams. Splitting the teams into dedicated drink makers & runners. Specialisation helped them maximise pours, before, during and after the games.

4) Let customers order to their table with Order and Pay

Where possible, keep customers at their tables. Run a dedicated table service system, which means the majority of your visitors don’t need to leave their tables to order their drinks. It relieves pressure from your bar staff, and your customers will order more often, especially during the game. Let them order and pay from their phones to make life easier. Runners can focus on just running pints & pitchers, and bar staff on making them. Tap here to find out more about mobile order and pay.

5) Limit your menu

Customers get it. It’s the World Cup - they don’t expect to be able to order your entire menu. So don’t let them. Reduce strain on bar staff by limiting your drinks menu to your most popular draught beers plus a single selection of house spirits, wines & soft drinks. Simple cocktails & pints in pitchers will save time and maximise average spend per head. Tap here to find out more ways to increase spend per head.

If you’re serving food - think of easy preparation & delivery. Something that doesn’t need to be served on a plate. Burgers, chicken & pizza are always crowd favourites.

6) Switch out glasses for biodegradable cups

Nobody likes hearing smashed glasses. Save the cost (and our ears) by switching to biodegradable cups. But just make sure you’ve got enough bins dotted around so your customers can dispose of them. If you still need to stock up, tap here to buy more.

7) Take pre-bookings and sell tickets for game days

It was a huge success during EURO 2022, and customers are happier now more than ever to book a table for events like the World Cup. Our friends at Stampede have everything you need to get set up ahead of kickoff. Sell tickets, and take bookings with their all-in-one platform. Avoid long queues outside your venue and disappointment. Lock in minimum spends and secure upfront revenue before Kane lays it into the top corner. Tap here to start taking bookings and sell tickets online for World Cup 2022.

8) Offers, discounts and competitions

Offers, discounts and social competitions. All great ways to get customers through your door this World Cup. Run a guess-the-score competition on Instagram to win a free table. Reward customers who visit multiple times. And give discounts on pitchers and bundles of drinks. Our teams are here to help you create your discounts.

9) World Cup decorations

Now before you open your doors, you’ve got to look the part. Buntings, flags, posters and more. Have a look at what Amazon’s got on offer.

10) Have fun

Last but not least, enjoy yourselves. It’s a time for celebration. As we started this World Cup guide, it’s the first time (and maybe last time) that a World Cup is hosted in the winter. It’s the perfect warm-up for Christmas. The first ‘normal’ Christmas that we’ve seen in years. Use it as an opportunity to make lots of money, but also make lots of memories.

But who knows what’s going to happen? It’s football after all. There’s only one guarantee. If you follow all the steps above, it’ll be smiles all around…

If you’re looking for a guide on the more serious things - security, noise complaints and other bits. Tap here to read the BBPA’s Guidance document.

Want to let your customers order and pay in your restaurant, bar or pub during World Cup 2022? Tap here to find out more about storekit, and what we do.

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