How to create a QR code menu for free

How to create a QR code menu for free
December 9, 2020 Adam Stead
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This article will explain how to make a QR code menu for your restaurant. 

Step 1: set up a free order & pay account

First, navigate to the for your free QR code menu and click create your menu.

Fill in your contact details and click “create account”. Add your store title, which will automatically translate as your new menu URL. (QR codes generally store information; so a QR code menu is really a link to an online menu.) 

Add a description, which will appear at the top of the page. The aspect ratio of the cover photo will be 277 x 528 so you want a picture which is approximately twice as wide as it is tall. It’s also big enough that you can include text if it’s large in the picture.  

Next, restaurant information – add your address, and an email. This email will receive orders, so don’t use your personal email here. Add your restaurant opening hours, and you’re ready to create your first menu! Click “create!” 

This will generate the QR code for your menu – you’ll be able to see it all! 

Step 2: create your menus 

You’ll automatically be taken to the menu-building page. You can create your categories, (for example, “burgers”, “fries”, “drink”), and then populate them.

Make sure that you add modifiers, customiser options and sides because that’s been shown to boost order size via digital menus.

Also, make sure you add pictures where you can! Menus with picture items can sell up to twice as much as those without.

Here’s some examples of menus from order & pay users we love:

Read our guide for creating better food instagram photos.

Step 3: print your QR codes 

Next, go to your store tab and you’ll be able to generate QR codes. You can generate ones for individual tables (so that the table comes preselected when the customer goes to order) or you can print a generic one (so they’ll need to select themselves) – but once you have the files, you have to print them.

Read in detail on how to print a QR code for your restaurant and your different options, including wood and metal printing – which has a nicer finish.

There is, alas, no way that we know of to print something for free. (Local libraries tend to have a going rate of 10p per page…) 

But here’s some tips: 

  1.  It’s worth persevering to find some nice material. There’s one printer (US-based, linked in the article) which does wooden QR codes for as little as $6 each. So, no need to spend a fortune; especially if the material is poor.
  2. Make your QR codes large and don’t invert the colour.
  3. Leave a border space.

StoreKit has an excellent support team. If you’re struggling with printing, email

And that’s your QR-code menu, done!

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How to create a QR code menu for free
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