Top 5 Table Ordering Apps

Top 5 Table Ordering Apps
July 1, 2020 Georgina Quach
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The corona crisis has ushered in a table tech revolution. Pubs and restaurants have traditionally been slow on the uptake, when it comes to innovative technology, but now operators are seeking different solutions as we return to the “new normal”. Mobile ordering is put in place to give consumers a comfortable and safe way of ordering their pints. The government is encouraging restaurants and pubs to use table ordering apps, as opposed to making and collecting orders at the bar.

It’s a good time to take a look at our EPOS systems for pubs and bars in case you want to review your current store tech.

How do they work? 

Table ordering apps, which you operate on your phone, reduce face-to-face contact. It also cuts the shared use of card machines, helping prevent the virus from spreading via physical contact. 

There are two routes to take here. The first is a native app that your customers need to download; the second, a web app which is browser-based so requires internet access for use and can be accessed via a QR code or a venue’s Wi-Fi login.

Businesses will have to note down the details of each customer so they can trace each person in the event of an outbreak.

Now, more than ever, mobile ordering is essential to running your pub, bar or restaurant. Here are five table-ordering softwares that will keep you in line with government guidelines on social distancing – while still providing top quality service. 

1. Goodeats, by Goodtill

Known for its hospitality EPOS software, goodtill have branched out and created a table-ordering piece of kit. It’s not an app, so customers don’t need to download it beforehand. Watch the explainer video here.

Goodeats works well with Goodtill’s EPOS software, meaning that you can create a comprehensive store set-up with EPOS and Order&Pay in unison.

A customer scans a unique QR code printed on a menu, and is then taken to your menu on the GoodEats platform. 

  1. They specify where in the dining establishment they are sitting, then “checkout” and pay.
  2. The order prints a ticket to the kitchen and the system notifies the guests of waiting time via email. 

Table-ordering can be set up as a standalone to start taking mobile orders, received directly to your device or it can be integrated with Goodtill EPOS software. Their pricing starts at 1.9% + 20p for Table Ordering & Drop Off, and 2.9% + 20p for collection and delivery. 

2. StoreKit Order & Pay 

table service

Watch our demo video for more details!

StoreKit Order & Pay is the our recommended choice. It’s really quick to get set up and  there’s no recurring or set-up fees – so you can build a menu right now without paying 1p and decide to apply for processing later. It works the same as some others – you can generate a QR code within the software which enables customers to navigate to your menu, where they can browse and pay.

Why Order & Pay? 

Total intuition

Order & Pay is optimised for conversion. “Menu Engineering” is the practice of building menus in such a way to encourage customers to spend as much as possible. Our team continuously studies incoming data to ensure the design will encourage people to buy! 

It integrates with your EPOS 

EPOS integrations take time, so lots of new software will find it tough to offer integrations with your EPOS this year. However, StoreKit has an optional paid module which allows you to integrate with over 30. Zonal, ICR Touch, Lightspeed L and K series, Revel, and Touchbistro, are just some of the EPOS systems with which you can integrate. 

Payment-only pricing

StoreKit is a payment processor, so our pricing is not in addition to fees from a third party processor like Stripe. Be very careful of this when surveilling prices. We charge 1.59% + 15p – and that’s the only fee. 

Check out our example menu or get started!


3. Pepper 

Pepper charges start at £89 per venue per month in addition to payment processing fees. This includes pre-order modifiers, bill-splitting at the table and a “pay at counter” function. 

Pepper’s platform is EPOS integrated and enables the development and maintenance of customizable apps delivering discovery, mobile payment, loyalty, pre-order, push marketing and data analytics.”

Why Pepper?

Pepper adds a series of loyalty features which encourages customers to keep coming back. Pepper is also a white labelled platform which you can totally self-brand.

4. Orderbee 

Orderbee is a table ordering system designed for pubs and restaurants, both single and multi-site operators. It also offers a click-and-collect option too. 

“We won’t be getting involved in the actual delivery, but we’ll give you the tools via the platform to manage deliveries and collect the data you need to facilitate them.”

Priced from £80 per venue per month, you need an email address and a PayPal account in order to take payments. Don’t forget to add on VAT and PayPal fees of 1.2-2.9% + 30p per transaction.

  1. Customers can order and pay ahead and just walk in and eat. Or, they can place orders in store.
  2. Their payment partner is PayPal, so orders go through there. 

5. OrderPay

This is an aggregator app – unlike a native app, this works by essentially platforming loads of different brands (around 6000 currently). A customer only needs to download the OrderPay app once to unlock all the functionality and native app advantages for a range of brands. 

However, OrderPay locks the app to a particular brand as a customer crosses the venue’s entrance, meaning only your brand’s menu is accessible when in-venue. This is called beacon technology. A customer with an OrderPay app is served the right operator branding and order options when they’re on site. It uses QR scanning for self-service. See the full range of features.

Register your business here.


What next? 

In addition to offering an Order & Pay app, StoreKit is a payments and EPOS knowledge hub. We make our money by recommending technology to merchants – so, if you’re looking to make a big decision about your technology stack and you want to think about the whole stack, we’re in a great place to advise. Give us a call!

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Top 5 Table Ordering Apps
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